A good day

The last full day on the van and it was all hands on deck.

And here’s some of our achievements:


Door attached to Miriam’s bed pod and fly-screen mesh added behind the latticework


and Miriam decided that she wanted to test it out for herself.

The major achievement of the day was the fridge pod that includes masses of storage and reuses doors from the old kitchen.


Shelves put into the bog pod

Gloss has been applied to the kitchen pod and doors:


and then put in place.


A small job – but still it was something to cross of the list – putting a new end onto this wall-mounted cupboard.


And the tent given to us by the lovely Derek and Barbara was erected to keep the kids occupied.

Tomorrow is a ‘day off’ as Ben and I have prior commitments for the next couple of days – it will be nice to have a break from the work and the kids! But we’ll need to be back to it in the evening…our friendly electrician is coming back to help make the fridge function (on 12V and 240V), add sockets/USB charging points, make the water pump work, and wire in a converter.


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