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What’s with this post?

For some reason, this is one of the most popular posts on our blog. I have no idea why a bath panel gets so many hits. I’ve puzzled over whether there is some hidden meaning in something written, but I … Continue reading

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Outside In: The Rhythms of Life

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Day follows night follows day. After winter comes the spring. These are the rhythms of life. Of these things we can be certain. In these things we find comfort. … Continue reading

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How to Care for your TCK

This was publised in the Maadi Messenger Sept 2017. It gives a little bit of an insight to what our kids experience growing up overseas and the ways that we’re trying to understand and support them. Are you thinking what’s a … Continue reading

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Outside In: Under Pressure

I’ve recently returned from a weekend away in the UK. This is not something that I do frequently, but it was a special occasion – my sister-in-law’s hen party. For those of you with no idea what I’m talking about, … Continue reading

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Blogging etiquette fail

It seems that I breached all blogging etiquette. Having grown a faithful following of people who were interested in our adventures, I went quiet. I hadn’t realised that people wanted to know the continuing story. I thought the fascination was … Continue reading

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Living the Dream

OK, so maybe 5 people in a van isn’t quite the dream…but we’re having fun. We’ve enjoyed the flexibility of mealtimes – we’ve had breakfast in Tesco’s car park, having just bought it, and lunch in the car park at … Continue reading

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Burning the Midnight Oil

Ben is still outside working away with the electrician friend on the list of electrical jobs.  The thing with electrics is that you can’t really see them, so they don’t make for good pictures. These sockets have been fitted: (Poor … Continue reading

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