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Things that you never knew existed…

…because you never needed them. Having come to Egypt we’ve discovered a few groovy items that we never knew even existed, just because we’ve never had a need for them. How many more cool gadgets must there be around the … Continue reading

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An umbrella and puddle day

(Quote from A A Milne) In Somerset, it takes a few days’ worth of solid rain to produce such impressive puddles. Now I wasn’t timing it, but I’m sure we didn’t have much more than half an hour’s solid rain. … Continue reading

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A War on Ants

There seems to have been a ceasefire for the winter, but during the height of the summer, the battle was fierce. Any time we let down our guard, they would penetrate our defences. We armed ourselves with cleaning products and … Continue reading

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Who turned down the thermostat?

So I know that folk back home are wearing proper wooly jumpers, and coats, and scarves, and boots, and hats, and stuff. But it has got a bit colder here…not a lot, we still had a picnic in the sun … Continue reading

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