On the Wild Side

Last week we left the comfort of driveways for some proper campervan living. After staying with my best friend’s family and parents up North, we stayed on our first campsite outside Otley. It was so lovely to see the kids experiencing things that I enjoyed as a kid – to watch them running around the campsite with other kids, doing the washing up, buying fresh eggs in the morning. 

We then spent a few nights on a site that wasn’t quite so nice while we visited family in County Durham, and dealt with wind and rain and cold!

Today we met up with good friends in Tynemouth and had a great evening messing around on the beach and enjoying fish and chips. As it was getting late we decided to stay over here and found a car park that seemed happy for vans to stay. We have the company of a couple more. Though it seems that the local ‘cruising’ yoof could be joining us for a few hours! The thud of bass music could be lulling us to sleep!

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One Response to On the Wild Side

  1. Dick says:

    🚐😀work complete

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