On the road

It felt like it would never happen…but we finally packed up and moved this morning. Last minute jobs were still being completed this morning – last bits of our bed, securing the kitchen worktop etc. 

Then of course there was the split hose to mend. Bernard drove to Dunstable this morning to collect a new part and he and Ben were able to fit it. 

Meanwhile, I could get on with the business of packing up the van. 

The kids were very excited to test out their bed pods. 

And Bernard was keen to test out the seating!

The kids were eager to leave after lunch and seem happy with their seating arrangements.

So much so that they’d completely made it their own space by the end of the journey!

We even stopped off  for a dinner of left over Chinese on the way to Somerset.

There was rather a lot of drama at bedtime as you might imagine. But they’re all asleep. So we’ll see what tomorrow brings!

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2 Responses to On the road

  1. Dick says:

    Got luck and Bon voyage

  2. Dick says:

    Get grandad out of there

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