Dragging on and other setbacks…

You know the closer that you get to the end of a job, the more there is to do? It’s like when you’re climbing a hill, you think you’re nearly at the summit, but the nearer you get, the further it still seems to be…

We are getting tons of stuff done, but there are still so many bit that need to be finished. 

The kitchen pod was pretty much completed this evening (although the gas is still to be connected). So that was worktop cut and fitted, sink/cooker unit fitted, doors rehung, splashback reattached. 

We had another lovely helper today who gave 3 hours of his time to move us along. 

A late night job from yesterday – tucking the wires behind the window

An original wall unit that’s been rehung

The massive setback, however, was our discovery this morning that there is a split in the coolant hose. So we were unable to drive for our meeting as planned. Still, the new part should arrive at 9am tomorrow. We were meant to be on the move tomorrow, so I’m not sure how everything will work out. 

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2 Responses to Dragging on and other setbacks…

  1. Dick says:

    The right beverage delivered in bottles helps the job along

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