Dust storm

IMG_2723It’s pretty difficult to take a decent picture of a dust storm, but I’ve just walked through our worst one yet to collect Amira from preschool.

It’s the weirdest thing. As I look out the window now, everything has a yellow hue, it’s even making the room look yellow. Outside it looks like yellow fog, but it’s dust in the air. Distant buildings look hazy; trees, leaves and cars look like they have a yellow frost on them.

IMG_2726And it feels pretty horrid too. It catches in the back of your throat, the wind whips it into your eyes. You breathe it in. In fact, it even has a distinctive smell. With each breathe you can sense it in the air – it smells like dirt. Even my clothes smell dirty with it. I can taste it on my lips, I can feel it on my skin.

IMG_2725We may not have snow or ice, rain or hail, but this just proves that the sun doesn’t always shine in Egypt!

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4 Responses to Dust storm

  1. babsludbrook says:

    Oh, what fun I’m going to have!
    Now you know why they all wear scarves!

  2. Dave craig says:

    Hi Emma,Ben, dusty or not,I’d swop our minus2 degrees at the moment for your weather! We’re following your antics with interest!

  3. Ben and Emma says:

    The dust storm is still with us – it’s really eerie. Looking out the window is sort of like you’d imagine a nuclear holocaust or a gas attack in WW1 – it’s this weird yellow, sickly glow.

  4. Dick says:

    The desert encroaches.

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